"Poka! Poka! Mahou Ma~!"

Haruno Poka (春野ポカ) is the main character of the series. Poka is a go-lucky and positive girl who hates negativity and believes you can make a mistake into a brand new good thing.

General Info Edit

  • Fave Color: Pale Pink
  • Height: 4 ft,10 inches
  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Hobby (s): Drawing

Appearance Edit

Poka has short crimson hair in addition, she sports a small cowlick. She has round eyes that are the same color. Her skin is pale.

As Witch Poka Edit

Poka's hair turns bright red and lengthens to her knees. She wears a short hot pink and light red dress. It has short, puffy sleeves. She wears red and magenta, striped socks with white legwarmers. Short, light red gloves and magenta shoes. She wears a hot pink witch hat with a red ribbon tied around the top.

Witch Poka Edit

Is Poka's alter ego. In this form, she is able to use normal magic and spells, for e.g (summoning things and commanding spells). But later, she discovers she is able to control crystals and gemstones.

Items Edit

  • Magic Wand: Her wand is white with a red star at the top.

Spells Edit

  • Kunzite Wall: Poka's signature spell. She uses her wand to make a large barrier of real pink kunzite. The barrier can deflect any attacks, except for dark spells. It can also copy spells and fire them back.
  • Autumn Shower: A new spell Poka learns in Episode 20. Poka uses the Autumn Wand in sync with hers to create a large pink portal above her. From the portal, falls a shower of many red, yellow, brown and white leaves made of crystal which gather around the enemy (s) before transforming into a crystal, trapping them inside.

Gallery Edit