Magical Witch Poka (魔法の魔女ポカ Mahō no majo poka) is Magical Girl series created by PrettyPreppy~ .

Plot Edit

Middle school student 13 year old, Haruno Poka soon discovers that her own teddy bear is actually a junior-level witch named Maya, who soon accidentally gives her a small wand, which after connecting with her, transforming her into a magical witch, Magical Witch Poka. Maya soon tells her the story of Noir, an evil sorceress who took over her homeland. So they must stop her along with her new friends Kotoha, Sora and Honey, who in the future must stop the evil Nega Witch, Victoria alongside her fairy partners and minions Sloth, Envy and Wrath before its too late and the entire world is gone forever.

Characters Edit

  • (春野ポカ) Haruno Poka / Witch Poka (ウィッチポカ)

One of the main protagonists of the series. A flora loving, cheerful yet short 13 year old who collects many plush items, including: Teddy Bears, Stuffed Lambs and Stuffed Penguins, which she all named and sorted alphabetically on the shelf above her bed. She transforms into Witch Poka whose power is Normal Magic, her theme colors are Red and Pink. Her attack is Kunzite Wall.

  • (蜂ハイブハニー) Hachihaibu Honey / Witch Honey (ウィッチハニー)

A good friend of Poka. A kind 14 year old, who is known to give great advice which always works. In addition to such, she is the only memeber of the team who is actually ambidexturous. Her parents are the proud owners of the Honeycomb Bakery, which is most popular place to get baked goods in town. She transforms into Witch Honey, whose power is Light Magic, her theme colors are Yellow and Orange. Her attack is Topaz Lumiere.